Women of today!

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A woman of mystery and might,
Roaring to win and fight!
With the grace and a humble sight,
She treads on,
towards her right!


The Rain


Every scattered cloud came along,
When the trumpet of thunder was blown for long,
Some said it’s Sun;
that’s a pain,
But none guessed;
that it would rain.


A rainbow


the leaves withered,
And the clouds gathered.
Every mortal took a bow,
Just to witness,
a rainbow.

Haiku II


I wandered many places,
to find my lost aces.
I visited many sites,
Of history and might.
Though I couldn’t end my fight.

Then the night came along,
Wishing my fights to forlorn.
But as the darkness drew,
My concerns grew,
And it remained like that,
till the moon became new.

Haiku – Time


When the days were good,
I questioned time,
why are You leaving so soon?
I am not your friend: He said.

When the days were dark,
and the lights were dim,
He still kept moving,
Who’s calling You now? I asked.
I am not your foe: He spoke at last.

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