My Old Mate

Oh its my old mate,
who has come at last,
turning my cottage to fertile,
and what gifts He bore?

I asked Him with glee,
as my greed failed to flee.
Well He brought me a sweet setting,
a lavish evening,
as a humble beginning.

The clouds marched,
as He ordered.
Like a blanket pulled over the dark night,
for me to witness His royal sight.

He was yet to arrive,
but I was set to dive.
His message came through the rustling leaves,
as I heard their whisper from the passing breeze.

I was not lone,
but my clan had flown.
They have miseries of life to attend; they said.
but I am stationed to greet my friend; I said.

I made new friends,
as there were many waiting.
The owl was peeping to check His arrival,
While the bug was curious of his survival.

The homecoming bird said;
wait with patience and pride,
as your mate is on the stride
but I grew restless and cried.

And my cry was unheard,
Unheard in the carnival of this herd.
None came to my rescue,
as I sobbed in this queue.

My tears trickled down,
falling haplessly on the ground.
But He came at last,
Yes my old mate had come at last.


Let mercy come..

Let mercy come,
for every needy,
to every greedy,
to every flower waiting for the rain.

Let faith be in every breath
from the humming bee,
to the shedding tree.

The dawn is not far,
as the moon says good by,
and the choir of birds will sing along.

Just wait for the rain,
as a farmer waits with his barren land.
the passing breeze just whispered  their arrival,
and soon it will pour.

but you be patient
hold your pitcher closer to heart
and let it fill to the brim.

but you be merciful,
share your spoils with every needy.
From the cunning greedy
to the begging needy.
and let mercy come..


A Lone Sparkle

As I sit beneath the vast sky,
only a lone fella sparkles for my company,
the evening is busy,
busy with the gossip of timid creatures.
Some sing in choir,
some out perform one another.

My blue terrace is rippled,
rippled by their white robe,
as they dress elegantly,
to aid charm to my evening,
but their play was short lived,
as the time drew curtains on them,
for the birds to return home,
and for the crescent of moon to board the sky.

The rustling leaves brought me back,
and said,
forget us not,
and then they clapped in joy,
when I smiled in acceptance.


My Crime..!!

I was dragged,
Dragged to court of law.
They said I am a criminal,
Criminal with the crime of highest order.

With a gentle nod and a humble smile,
I was questioned in the proceedings,
They said you captured His every creature.
In your lines,
In your rhymes.
I nodded without a doubt.

Then Furiously they asked;
Who are you to bother the setting Sun?
Who asked you to question the lonely moon?
As I was caught,
with the hand in glove.

They said you travelled with the passing breeze,
And took pride in the labour of bees.
And further said;
You stare too long at the bright blue sky.

I kept mum as the proceedings went.
As it was headed by the one whom I admired the most,
He took pride in my every crime,
As I shared my spoil every time.

I begged for mercy,
As I knew not;
what else to write.
That was my only crime,
That was my only crime..



Listen my mate, listen
what the passing wind says,
what the setting Sun says,

It says good bye,
It says farewell,
but with a promise of return.

listen what the thunder says;
He says he will bring the rain.

I do seek a promise,
a very similar promise.
I pray,
time won’t dissolve,
the sweetness you poured in my life.

Promise me,
you won’t leave me on the seashore of endless ocean.
you won’t mute me,
while I talk.
you won’t stop me,
while I walk.