“My Crime..!!”


I was dragged,
dragged to court of law.
They said I am a criminal.
Criminal with the crime of highest order.

With a gentle nod and a humble  smile,
I was questioned in the proceedings,
They said you captured His every creature.
In your lines,
In your rhymes.
I nodded without a doubt.

Then furiously they asked;
Who are you to bother the setting Sun?
Who asked you to question the lonely moon?
As I was caught,
with the hand in glove.

They said “You travelled with the passing breeze,
And took pride in the labour of bees”.
And further said;
“You stare too long at the bright blue sky”.

I kept mum as the proceedings went.
As it was headed by the one, whom I admire the most,
He took pride in my every crime,
As I shared my spoil every time.

I begged for mercy,
As I knew not;
what else to write.
That was my only crime,
That was my only crime..


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